Cygnett Mag5000 Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

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Ditch the cable and experience the magic of magnetic wireless charging. The pocket-size Mag5000 power bank comes with built-in magnets that perfectly align with iPhone 12 MagSafe technology, allowing both the power bank and phone to snap together for a seamless wireless charging solution on the move.

Compatible with MagSafe
The magnets built inside this power bank perfectly align with MagSafe technology inside iPhone 12 to allow your phone to maintain the perfect charging position. This power bank is compatible with official MagSafe and Magnetic charging accessories.

Up to 15W fast charging
Simply place the power bank on the back of your phone for instantaneous charging. Mag5000 will snap to your phone in perfect charging position and support up to 15W fast wireless charging.

One ring to charge them all
No iPhone 12? No worries, simply apply our sleek attachment ring to the back of any wireless capable phone and experience fast, magnetic wireless charging (7.5W Max).
- iPhone 11
- Samsung S Series
- Pixel 5

Pocket-size power
Sporting a stylish fabric finish, this pocket-size power bank is both thin and lightweight, allowing you to discreetly stay charged on your travels without the bulk.

Recharge in no time with 18W USB-C input
Mag5000 not only delivers a fast charge to your phone, it also accepts a fast recharge thanks to an 18W USB-C input. Avoid the frustration of long recharge times with the Mag5000 charge levels being restored quickly.

Meet out Magnetic family
Magnetic wireless charging is the new ecosystem for how we charge all our devices going forward. Click here to view our full range of MagSafe compatible products.

Key Features

Strong, precise magnetic alignment

Compatible with MagSafe technology

7.5W Wireless Charging

Slim, Lightweight Design

*Phone not included

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