eufy RoboVac 35c Wi-Fi Robotic Vacuum

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Lean, Mean, Cleaning Machine


RoboVac may be super-slim, but it’s packed with a 3-point cleaning system, BoostIQ™ technology, and up to 1500Pa of suction power to ensure your floors and carpets are clear of all dirt, dust, and crumbs. And with Wi-Fi built-in, you can accomplish all your cleaning needs from your smartphone.

Eliminate Vacuuming Chores
RoboVac takes on dust-busting around your home so you don’t have to. Multiple cleaning modes and auto-clean scheduling ensure an effortless, thorough clean while you relax.

Improved Cleaning
Refined from the inside and out to provide quiet vacuuming with zero hassle, RoboVac cleans with the equivalent sound of an operating microwave, and has been reduced to only 2.85” tall to clean under low-hanging furniture with ease.

Cleans Further
A larger 0.6L dustbin allows RoboVac to pick up more dirt and dust to take full advantage of 100 minutes** of continuous cleaning, eliminating the need to empty it halfway through cleaning.

Premium Components
The anti-scratch material cover provides a sleek look and superior protection for RoboVac, while the triple-layer high-performance filter achieves a better clean for your home.

Key Features

  • eufy [BoostIQ] RoboVac 35C Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • Wi-Fi
  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Super-Thin
  • 1500Pa Strong Suction
  • Touch-Control Panel
  • 6ft Boundary Strips
  • Quiet
  • 100 minutes** of continuous cleaning
  • Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum
  • Cleans Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpet