About skyhome australia

Who we are

skyhome australia is a place where your home meets technology. We're the one and only Australian store solely focused on smart home technology, smart devices and home automation. 

skyhome australia was founded in early 2020 as an eBay store. After a successful start we have launched our own online store and our first private label product, the skyLUX smart bulb, only several months after.

What we do

Our deep technical expertise lets us offer only the best products on the market packed with cutting-edge technology. We develop our own branded product line of smart devices that integrate seamlessly with smart home ecosystems such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. 

Our aim is to deliver the best-in-class smart devices that revolutionise the way you interact with your home. From playing music to controlling lights, from cleaning to security, our store offers it all. Our devices are accessible, easy to install and control with your phone, your voice and smart algorithms. 

Our goal

We continue to grow and expand our product range to lead the world to a better, brighter future where people will be in full control of their homes with the power of Internet of Things (IoT).

We envisage the 'Home of the Future' as a place where people are in full control of all aspects of their day-to-day home activities. A place where technology and automation take care of most mundane tasks, leaving more time for people to enjoy their lives and experience more things. 

Giving back

skyhome australia also recognises the imbalance in access to technology, electricity and other essentials in different parts of our planet. We want to do what we can to fix it.

That's why we have partnered with SolarBuddy.org, a charity that provides Solar Lights to children living in poverty without reliable access to electricity. At skyhome australia we contribute a part of our profits annually to SolarBuddy and raise awareness of energy poverty in the world.