skyhome bulbs and others products are proudly backed by certifications to ensure that our products meet the qualifications and criteria standards you would expect. Product certification programs can be confusing, with so many performance tests, accreditations, and quality assurance tests available for product manufacturers.
Let’s cut through the haze to examine the certifications that provide consumers like you the ability to buy with confidence.

                           = FCC Certification =

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates and enforces products that can emit radio frequency energy or other electromagnetic interference that might cause harm to the public or broadcast in radio frequency range, plus other telecommunications requirements. The FCC enforces this per Title 47 of CFR Section 2.907. Certification for RF devices is the most stringent offered by the FCC due to the potential interference with radio services. Test data provided to the FCC is sourced from testing performed by an FCC recognized and accredited testing laboratory.

skyhome australia bulbs and devices with remote, Bluetooth, or WiFi functionality include FCC certification, since they are Radio Frequency (RF) devices and fall under FCC rules.

                              = CE Marking =

CE Marking indicates that the product may be legally placed on the EFTA & European Union (EU) market. This attests that a particular product contains the essential requirements and/or performance levels, and Harmonized Standards to which products must conform. Harmonized Standards are the technical specifications established by several European standards agencies (CEN, CENELEC, etc.). The letters “CE” stand for the French phrase “Conformité Européene,” which is translated as European Conformity.