Crest 6 Socket AV Surge Protect Powerboard

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This Crest Platinum Power Board is your best defence to protect your new TV or Computer. We’re so confident in the quality of our power board that we have included a 10-year warranty on the power board and a $150,000 connected equipment warranty to give peace of mind.

The Ultimate and Safest in Power Protection
The combination of our Fireproof Self-Tripping Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) with fast-acting thermal cut-outs, along with negative resistance componentry, protect your equipment from significant damage and potential fires that power issues such as surges can initiate.

Fireproof Self-Tripping MOVs
MOVs absorb excess energy caused by power issues such as surges and spikes. These events generate heat, and therefore the MOV is coupled with a sensitive thermal cut-out that will disconnect the circuit instantaneously. The MOVs and thermal cut-outs are encased in a heat resistant silicone compound and a fire-resistant enclosure to prevent fire.

TV and Data Surge Protection
Power spikes and surges can come over any wire, including the data transmission line and the TV antenna coaxial cable. Crest Platinum power boards protect your appliances against surges and other typical power issues.

Product and Connected Equipment Warranty
10 Year product warranty - If this product is found to be defective, Crest will replace the product free of charge. Up to $150,000 Connected Equipment Warranty - The Crest Company will replace or pay to repair the damage caused by excessive voltage to the equipment connected to this product.

Key Features

6 power sockets

Designed for the latest TVs and computers

Power, data and coaxial surge protection

240v surge protection up to 3,600 joules

Fireproof mov protection

Diagnostic lights immediately alert user

2 x USB output, 4.2a max fast charging

10-year warranty & $150,000 connected equipment warranty


Cable Length: 1.7m
Voltage: 240V a.c. 50Hz
Current Rating: 10A
Current Power: 2400W
Clamping voltage: 710v
Max Energy: 3,600 Joules
Max Current: 144,000A
Max Spike voltage: 6,000V
Coaxial Connections: F type
Coaxial Surge Arrestor: Gas tube
Coaxial Breakdown Volts: Up to 75V
Coaxial Insert Loss: 0.1dB
Phone & Data Terminals: RJ45 8P8C connectors
Phone & Data Surge Arrestor: MOV
Phone & Data Clamping Voltage: 13.2V

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