Hisense 5.1.2 Ch Dolby Atmos 510W Soundbar

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The Hisense U5120G Dolby Atmos Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer offers luxurious audio quality brought to you by Dolby Atmos Immersive Audio Technology. Eilex PRISM™ equalizes acoustic power volume density frequency (APVD) response and corrects time and phase alignment errors in the speaker system. The Hisense Dolby Atmos 5.1.2CH Sound Bar delivers multidimensional audio quality for a next level cinematic sound experience. Whether you’re watching movies, sports, or listening to music, crisp sound springs from the speakers with absolute clarity for a fully immersive sonic experience.

Dolby Atmos Immersive Audio
With 12 speakers (including sub) and cutting-edge decoding technology, experience sound that envelops you from all angles, including overhead. Up-firing speakers project sound above whilst side-firing speakers create a wider sound experience all around you.

DTS:X Premium Audio
This improved immersion and heightened realism makes horror movies scarier, comedies more laugh-out-loud, and car chase scenes even more intense.

Attention to Detail
Eilex PRISM™ equalizes acoustic power volume density frequency (APVD) response and corrects time and phase alignment errors of a speaker system. Speakers with Eilex PRISM™ perform as near-perfect electro-acoustic transducers providing true-to-original sound with the highest musicality and intelligibility.

Hi-Res Audio Certified
The Hisense U5120G achieves official Hi-Res certification, bringing a sound experience like that of a recording studio or concert hall many times more precise than MP3’s and even CD audio.

4K Ultra HD Pass Through
The U5120G features 4K HDR pass-through allowing your image to pass-through without image loss through HDMI to your TV.

510 Watt Output Power
The all-new Hisense U5120G soundbar packs 11 speakers and a 180W 8” Wireless subwoofer for a total of 510 watts of superior audio.

Connect your way
With eARC, experience uncompressed Dolby Atmos and DTS:X Other connection options include USB, Optical and Coaxial. With Bluetooth Connectivity, easily stream your favourite tunes from a smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth equipped PC.

Pre-set Equalizer Modes (Movie/Music/News/Night/Sport/Game)
In addition to standard EQ modes the U5120G features an AI Equalizer to automatically adjust the sound for what you are watching at any time!

Wireless subwoofer for deeper bass
The 8” front firing subwoofer goes as low as 40hz adding more depth and delivering earth-shaking bass effects, bringing movies, TV and music to life like with rich, powerful bass.

Sounds good, looks good
Install in front of your TV or use the included wall-mount to place your soundbar right under your mounted TV.

Key Features

5.1.2 Channel

510W Soundbar featuring 8" Wireless Subwoofer

Dolby Atmos and DTS:X

Hi-Res Audio certified

Movie/ Music/ News/ Night/Sport/ Game/ AI EQ sound modes



Bluetooth v4.2

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