LG 9.1.5Ch 810W Dolby Atmos Soundbar

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Up-firing rear speakers for room-filling sound
Hear sound from all around. The 6-channel (4.0.2ch) Rear Speakers distributes 135 degrees sound, to enhance your in-home cinema experience.

Ground breaking Triple Up-firing Channels
Meet our first Sound Bar with Triple Up-firing Channels. Together, they help deliver a nuanced experience with superb voice clarity and a wide soundstage. Enjoy an incredibly immersive sound experience at home.

Wireless subwoofer makes the bass roar
Feel strong, deep bass in your favourite songs and movies. The wireless subwoofer integrates a large woofer designed to hit low notes with ease, for amazing volume, sound pressure and bass quality, even in large rooms.

The sound of the cinema at home
LG Sound Bar technology combined with Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X®, and IMAX® Enhanced* helps to bring the ultimate sound experience to your living room. Discover clear sound, and the sensation of being in the centre of every scene.

Pioneering authentic sound with Meridian
The LG partnership with British audio specialist Meridian brings prestige sound to your home. As a pioneer of high-resolution audio and a Master of Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Meridian has played an integral role in developing and adopting innovative technologies and redefined how people enjoy their music and movies. 

Digital Signal Processing
DSP allows precise control over the audio signal, enabling the design of advanced technologies that can enhance the listening experience in almost any context.

Meridian Lossless Packing
Meridian has been a long-term collaborator and technology partner with Dolby. Meridian Lossless Packing technology is licensed to Dolby as the basis for Dolby Atmos* and the standard for high-resolution DVD-Audio.

High-Resolution Audio
The LG partnership with Meridian Audio lets you experience sound as it was meant to be heard. Discover master-quality sound, note-for-note, from 96kHz/ 24-bit high-resolution audio*.

Make setup a snap with 4K Pass-through
Streamline your setup and enjoy synchronised high-resolution sound and pictures with 4K Pass-through. Simply connect your games console, streamer box or Blu-Ray Player to your 4K TV through your LG Sound Bar over HDMI*.

Power up with dynamic gaming sound
Get the most from the latest 4K games. LG Sound Bar supports VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), so you can enjoy smooth, fast gameplay with reduced image tearing from a connected console and TV*.

Sound tailored to your space
Using an internal microphone and spatial awareness technology, AI Room Calibration Pro analyses your room to help tailor sound across frequencies, balancing settings with your environment for natural and realistic sound.

Sound engineered for what you enjoy
With AI Sound Pro, LG Sound Bar's intelligent algorithm analyses your content to help deliver enhanced performance. Enjoy great sound, whether you’re watching movies, catching up on the news, or listening to music*.

The Sound Bar for music afficionados
Unlock exceptional sound. Your LG Sound Bar can reveal the stunning detail in high-resolution music from popular streaming services and personal collections*.

Perfect match with LG 2022 TV
Great together. Connect your LG Sound Bar and TV for an immersive experience.

Elevated sound with AI Processor
With TV Sound Mode Share, the Sound Bar uses your LG TV’s AI Processor to analyse the content you love and deliver clear, accurate sound. From watching the news to playing games, your LG Sound Bar helps you make the most of your LG TV experience.

Immersive home entertainment experience
Connect your LG Sound Bar to a games console or Blu-ray player to match incredible sound with breathtaking visuals.*

One remote. Simple control
With the LG TV Remote, convenience is turned up a notch. Switch your Sound Bar on, control volume and sound modes*with the same remote you use for your LG TV**.

Choose your voice control
LG Sound Bars work with your favourite AI services. Use your voice with Amazon Alexa™, Google Assistant™ and Siri (for Apple AirPlay 2) to control your Sound Bar easily*.

Key Features

810W & 9.1.5 Channels                                                                                        

Up-firing rear speakers

Triple Up-firing Channels

With Meridian

Dolby Atmos®

Works with Amazon Alexa™, Google Assistant™ and Apple AirPlay

AI Room Calibration

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